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Chelsea FCOne of the greatest debates among the fans of Chelsea FC concerns what would the best ever 11 Chelsea FC team be like. The Blue stars have continued to thrill their fans over the years and in this article we are going to write about some of the greatest Footballers who have played in this team. Unfortunately for us we haven’t seen some of the most legendary icons of Chelsea in their peak form, but who hasn’t heard about those fascinating tales of these legends from their father?

Peter Sillett: Described by Sir Stanley Matthews as greatest full back on the earth, Sillett played for Chelsea 288 times. He was also good at hitting the net and was regarded as the highest goal scoring defender of the club till Terry usurped the position. Peter Sillett’s penalty against Wolves secured the first ever league title for the club back in 1955.

George Hilsdon aka Gatling Gun scored 5 goals for the club on his debut game back in 1906. The only player to score an incredible 6 goals in one match, a weathervane modelled on Hilsdon was erected above the West Stand.

Gianfanco Zola: He has been voted in a poll as one of the Chelsea greatest players ever and there are only a few who can challenge his position. Zola started playing with Chelsea since November 96 when the Football club was going through something like a revival. Right on his debut season Zola created an immediate impact on the audience with his legendary goals. The very next season Zola scored the winning goal against Stuttgart in the finals of Cup Winner’s Cup.  Zola’s final appearance for Chelsea was in the year 2003 where he beat the Liverpool players with his much famed dribble and won the heart of his fans. All in all this Italian scored 80 goals for the team and played in 312 Chelsea games.

Peter Osgood aka the “king of Stamford Bridge” whose name one can still hear ringing on the stadium on match days is the legendary 70’s star who scored a goal in each round as the club won the 1970’s FA cup against Leeds United. He diving header in the finals is widely recognized by fans as a work of art. Osgood scored 150 goals in Chelsea soccer games and a statue of his is going to be unveiled at Stamford Bridge in the Chelsea play Arsenal.

John Terry: A blue to the very core and much beloved of the fans John Terry is the most brilliant captain this team has ever come across. His perfect reading of the game along with his impressive techniques and distribution make Terry much more than a defender’s defender. Terry has been playing with this club from the tender age of 14 started his career as a midfielder. He made his debut in 98 and by the end of 2001 he has considered as a first team regular. Even to this day is one of the best central defenders of the team who played with unmatched consistency during the most successful years of the club.

Frank Lampard: This midfielder is the first of his kind to score so many goals for the club. He started his career in Chelsea in 2001 after moving from West Ham. Under the guidance of Jose Mourinho he emerged as one of the top midfielders in the globe. His aptitude for reaching the nets has made the club win many a match and his iconic strike against Bolton in April 2005 is considered by many fans as his greatest achievement. In order to seal the 1’st League Title, Chelsea was desperately in need of a win. It was Lampard who scored two goals and won the heart of the fans. It is hard to come by a midfielder of Lampard’s stature and by the time he retires he might well be one of the all time best Chelsea fc players.

Didier Drogba: Drogba’s name is never going to be erased from the mind of the Chelsea fans for scoring his legendary header and penalty during the Champion’s League in Munich.

Roy Bentley: Bentley was the first ever league title winning captain of the club who scored 150 goals in 8 seasons. Though he went on to join Fulham the very next year, his contribution to the Chelsea has not been forgotten by fans.

Peter Bonetti: Peter Bonetti is considered to be one of the finest talents to ever play in the club. His two spells at Chelsea during 60-65 and 76-79 earned his the nickname “the cat’ because of his reflexes and agility. He has an overwhelming clean sheet of more than 200 and his 1966 campaign earned him a world cup medal.